Saturday, July 31, 2010

May and June

So let me tell ya, over the past two months it has been nothing but a giant party here at the Newell home. It seems like every other day is someone's birthday. Plus, it's summer so there are lots of fun things to keep us occupied. Since it's been SOOoooOOooo busy, I'll start off with May and June.

Brad's birthday shindig. Lots of fun had. We went golfing and out for some yummy dinner.

Joseph graduated kindergarten. It was so super cute. The school had a little ceremony for all the graduates.

Axel's Pirate Party. Joseph and Andrew's friend, Axel Nelson, had a pirate themed party for his 6th birthday. The kids all dressed up, got to paint their own treasure chests, and had a treasure hunt. So cute.

Pittsburgh Zoo. We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo with grandma, grandpa, and aunt Stephanie. It was a really rainy day, but we got about two hours of rain-free fun, and it was a great day to see the animals. We were able to see almost every animal up close. The kids' favorite was the stingray tank, and Brad and I loved the penguins and the polar bears.