Saturday, May 29, 2010

Over the Hill

Happy 30th birthday to the most wonderful husband a girl could ask for!

(Does this look like anyone else you know?)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End

This Sunday, my favorite show on the planet came to an end. To mourn the end of LOST, we threw a party, complete with plenty of Dharma Initiative goodness and vague references to the show. Much fun was had by all! Someone at the party commented that "this was the coolest party he had ever been to." I was really flattered. Then, the thought came to me that maybe he hadn't been to very many parties...
...I'll just pretend that he has been to lots of parties, and mine was just so super awesome that it earned the title "The Coolest."
The kids and I spent a great deal of the afternoon on Saturday making these cookies. Unless you watch the show, you won't understand.

I made all of these delightful DI labels for our food. Again, you have to watch the show to understand.

And, I made t-shirts for the whole family.

To honor those who crashed in Oceanic flight 815 on September 22, 2004, I made these adorable little cupcakes. I made the white chocolate airplanes, which I then "crashed" into the sandy beach (gold golored sprinkles) in the South Pacific (cupcake liners that look like waves). I'm just so darned creative!

We asked all of our guests to bring some Lost-themed refreshments. Marci and Ryan brought "Sun" chips and "Jin"ger ale. Again, obscure references to the show that only fans would understand.

Costumes were optional, but we thought it would be fun! Our family dressed up as members of the Dharma Initiative, and our friend Morgan (left) was Richard Alpert (pay close attention to his black eyeliner) and his wife, Kim, was an Other.

Just one more obscure reference, I promise. Our friends Lindsey and Phil brought a pizza that resembled the famous "fish biscuit" eaten by Sawyer and Kate when they were trapped in the cages.

I leave you with my favorite scene from the finale:

Until the next time, Namaste.