Monday, October 19, 2009

More Photo Fun

I made another sample for your enjoyment. I need to credit the following for use of their freebies. If you would like to use any of their products, please visit these sites:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Still busy...

So, I tried to quit my job like I mentioned in my last post, but that didn't go so well. My boss talked me into working one day a week. I was kind of OK with that. Then we had a meeting this week about the holiday season. I was informed that I would probably be working 12-15 days in a row and that I wouldn't be allowed to request any days off. WHAT??!!! Sorry job, but my family and my sanity are way more important than a few extra bucks for Christmas. I think we can live without a flat-screen tv.

Since I have been working less I've actually had time to work on my house. Things are finally getting put away. I've done various home improvement projects and it's finally starting to feel more like home. I will add some pictures soon.

The last week has been less than fun. Joseph and Andrew had the flu (I'm pretty sure it was the Swine Flu) all week, and now I have it. Yuck.

Now that I am for real quitting my job, I am doing what my husband has been trying to convince me to do for years - start my own business. So, I am going to try my hand at photography and graphic design. I've done some minor projects and I have some requests to do senior portraits. I thought that it would be fun to do invitations, graduation announcements, birth announcements, etc. besides the photography. I may try my hand at blog headers/designs too. I feel pretty confident about it. Here's a sample I made:

I did the photography for this couple's sealing a few months ago, so this isn't a real "save the date." Just working on some ideas. Tell me what you think!